To Go Nowhere

I climbed the mountain not to reach the top, but to cross over, marking each morning with a new little bracelet on my wrist, with colors of ascending frequency to note the mounting chakras, simulating an elevated state in the thinning air.   I love me, I want to be me…. but not this way. […]


Audio Here you are right at my feet you’re unassuming, solid, sweet. You fit so tight and so complete that I forget the void beneath. You lay there still, but still I slip, you look like someplace I could trip, we met and then I lost my grip, look out below- manhole- I flip. From where I […]

Model-T Ford

Detroit rendition of Janis Joplin’s classic satire “Mercedes Benz”    .  ..  …  ….  ….. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? The bus just ain’t coming and my feet are sore worked hard at the factory til it motored no more, oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? […]


Under my bed is a box filled with notes. Precious letters, far-flung postcards and silly valentines accumulated over the years from family, friends, exes, and former strangers. Before even reading their words, I feel the pinch of yearning- from the sight of someone’s handwriting, the postmark of a former home a name that doesn’t get said any more. They are time-stamps […]


                        Every time I ride, I fly. Arms extended, hail the sky I lift my heart and pedal through. I am a sail, but anchor too. I make my peace here on the road, Too free to fear, to far to fold.