Audio Its a long way between can and do. You’re at the strange age- not young but so new- staring at the vastness of space from your mattress on the floor, Praying for that small grace to rise once more. Work another long day that ain’t working for you. Bringing home that minimum wage is […]

Flower, Honor, Tenor

Audio My baby gardens at night, She gets that midnight dirt inside of her fingernails. I wonder what it feels like To hear the secrets of the earth that she never tells. And so what- maybe she’s crazy, to spend her time creating beauty she’ll never see. But when the moon hits the sky I […]

All the Love is

Audio All the love is stronger, now- I call you sisters and brothers. And, I’m not saying that it’s easy, somehow, but I don’t believe there are others. All the dark is softer, now- I glide right over the ridges. And I’m not saying that it’s easy, somehow, but at least I’m not digging ditches. […]


Audio It’s funny how the what we do becomes the who we are- a lifetime of tomorrows passes by. And, flipping through my journal is like picking at a scar- the pages thick with ink that just won’t dry. Oh, I have tried a hundred ways to end this bitter journey. And time can hide, […]

Honest John’s

Video Well, we met down there at PJ’s on a lonely Sunday night and right away, my dear, it seemed to come quite natural. Then I braided you a bracelet, but I tied it on too tight, that’s when I knew that you and me was something actual. Then, there was that time at Cece’s […]

Mulberry Grass

Audio Oh I would walk with you through the mulberry grass ’til our toes were painted blue and your fingers brush my hand. Sit me down by the tree when our legs don’t want to stand. You can strum, I will sing in our new two person band. But you don’t play that song, not for […]

Mama Song (Another Round)

I wrote this song for my mother, Cheryl, to celebrate her 60th birthday. (Audio) Down in the neighborhood when she as young Cheryl was a friendly one who always got along hop the fence right after school oh what a lot of fun- to be jumpin rope and hopin scotch and skip n play n run? […]

Model-T Ford

Detroit rendition of Janis Joplin’s classic satire “Mercedes Benz”    .  ..  …  ….  ….. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? The bus just ain’t coming and my feet are sore worked hard at the factory til it motored no more, oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? […]