Mulberry Grass

Oh I would walk with you through the mulberry grass ’til our toes were painted blue and your fingers brush my hand. Sit me down by the tree when our legs don’t want to stand. You can strum, I will sing in our new two person band. But you don’t play that song, not for me, […]

Mama Song

(Audio) Down in the neighborhood when she as young Cheryl was a friendly one who always got along hop the fence right after school oh what a lot of fun- to be jumpin rope and hopin scotch and skip n play n run? But when the day was through she wished it wasn’t done– she had […]

Model-T Ford

Detroit rendition of Janis Joplin’s classic satire “Mercedes Benz”    .  ..  …  ….  ….. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? The bus just ain’t coming and my feet are sore worked hard at the factory til it motored no more, oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? […]