All writing and photos on this site are original, created by Michele Oberholtzer. I am a writer, activist, social worker, engineer and environmentalist based out of Detroit and Hamtramck.

I am not a writer: I was not trained to do it, I rarely get paid for it, my work is not widely read. And yet, I am a writer because I do it: earnestly and often, as best I know how. These pieces collected on this site cover many topics, styles and experiences. No one piece is representative and it’s not terribly well organized, so go exploring and I hope you can find something interesting, relatable, original. Thank you.

More writing at ModelD Media, Occupy.com, Huffington Post and Deadline Detroit

contact: oberdoit@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michele, I came upon your blog via your Left of East series. Keep up the great work, and also thanks for creating such a diverse and interesting body of work.

  2. Heard you on MPR on the piece about the Tricycle Collective, remembered your name from when you lived in that smaller town north of Chelsea, and checked to see if you were the same Michelle O. You were probably in Joe or Maggie’s class (always my kids, but now adults). Anyway, what an accomplished woman you are. Life is always a struggle, but you’re doing one heck of a job of challenging its vagaries, and the entropy of culture. Your writing is very straightforward. My suspicion is you could be a very good journalist – along with the other half dozen things you seem to be good at. And, yes, backpacking does tend to remove the cobwebs. Keep walking and keep doing.

  3. Today I learned something wise. A victim is one who reacts to the past; a manipulator reacts to the future; and the wise one is present.

  4. Michele you’re a godsend.Your story on How Lawmakers Dismantled Detroit. Excellent and to the point. I was one of those homeowners in Highland Park, i fought so hard i think i became a Lawyer at heart. You explained why i couldn’t find the statue because it wasn’t in/on the books. I also work with Riverwise Magazine. Thats where i found your article. I must meet you in person, our editortold me where i can fi d you, i’ll make an appointment directly. Again Thanks my godsend, hope to See you soon. I’ve joined your following.

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