Mama Song (Another Round)

I wrote this song for my mother, Cheryl, to celebrate her 60th birthday.


Down in the neighborhood when she as young
Cheryl was a friendly one who always got along
hop the fence right after school oh what a lot of fun-
to be jumpin rope and hopin scotch and skip n play n run?
But when the day was through she wished it wasn’t done–
she had to go home alone.

Suppertime and sleepy time oh wouldn’t it be nice-
for a brother or a sister who could make it fun by twice?
No one knew her secret wish but every night in bed
she closed her eyes and said….

“Oh I love my ma and I love my pa
and I thank dear god above,
but when I lay me down,
I pray another round:
“won’t you give me a little friend to love?”

It took some time but, by and by, all her prayers came true!
Step aside for brother Bill he’s coming just for you.
Now at night instead she just says “Thanks for coming through!
I don’t have to be alone.”

Years go by, she’s on the job and “can I help you sir?”
He’s a parachutin engineer who has the hots for her
Soon enough they tied the knot now she’s Oberholtzer
truly groovin as the years go by, oh isn’t life a blur?
Happy still, but even so, every night in bed
she closed her eyes and said…

“Oh I love my man and we’ve got big plans
and I thank dear god above,
but when I lay me down,
I pray another round:
“won’t you give us a little one to love?”

Still waters, run deep
Don’t you fret now, go to sleep.
Keep prayin, mama Cheryl
and your wish will be complete,
it might take awhile but you won’t wait forever
for the patter of little feet.

The man upstairs, he cares, but he’s a pretty busy guy
he can hardly get to one prayer when another passes by
once he got to Cheryl’s stack it reached up to the sky
so he sent her down a handful “that should keep her satisfied”
Only he can say if this was what she had in mind! but
she’ll never be alone.
No, she’ll never be alone.

Down in the family home where I grew up
Cheryl runs a show that every day is full of love
words cannot express how much we love her oh so much
but Grama Obie knows that she can never have enough
So, when the day is through and she goes to bed
she closes her eyes and says…

“Oh I’ve got my tribe and I love all five
and I thank dear god above
but when I lay me down, I pray another round
won’t you give them some little ones to love?!”


IMG_4565grama obie

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