Mulberry Grass

Audio Oh I would walk with you through the mulberry grass ’til our toes were painted blue and your fingers brush my hand. Sit me down by the tree when our legs don’t want to stand. You can strum, I will sing in our new two person band. But you don’t play that song, not for […]


On Video Here you are right at my feet you’re unassuming, solid, sweet. You fit so tight and so complete that I forget the void beneath. From where I stand I can’t quite seem to get a glimpse of underneath the better then, to paint you with- an easel to support my myth. You lay there […]

My Pleasure aka “Suzie”

Tie breaker story for The Moth “Vices”  Audio Here Dealing with my newfound singlehood after moving out of me and my ex’s apartment was all about self discovery. I wanted to find out who I was, what I liked. I wanted to exert my independence. And yes, I wanted to be more sexually self-sufficient. I brought out my […]

Suspended Disbelief

One night along a shallow lake there lay a campsite, pitched and staked, logs for a fire stacked beside in silence under dusky skies. None knows yet how this scene shall play- with plans abandoned, hopes dismayed? They may appear only to quit, no hammocks swayed nor matches lit. Perhaps they will not come at all– cold hearts and feet don’t wander […]


How many times can we bend till we break? How much strain can you take? What’s your tensile strength? Hold me, and then Like a kite with no weight Pull the line nice and straight Out of sight into space. If I pluck the string Will it vibe and erate? Will it snap in my face? What […]