An eclipse poem

On the eve of the eclipse, she slept with her head downhill, and woke to the sound of woodpeckers chiseling their faces into the forest, and, when she rose to look for them, she found, instead, a green plump grasshopper, which she showed to another camper, through the thin screen of his tent, with a […]

Paved Paradise

Outside my office window- a flat patch of land where a home once stood no shadow, fresh dirt, I cant remember it, exactly. Outside my office window- two police cars lights flashing, sirens off black tarp, solid form still body-shaped, but still. Outside my office window- a big semi truck from the deconstruction site that […]


Under my bed is a box filled with notes. Precious letters, far-flung postcards and silly valentines accumulated over the years from family, friends, exes, and former strangers. Before even reading their words, I feel the pinch of yearning- from the sight of someone’s handwriting, the postmark of a former home a name that doesn’t get said any more. They are time-stamps […]