The Moment

The moment is…

a kiss and not a word,
a what and not a why,
you without your Story,

The moment is
the drop of water on your tongue as you dive to the sea- you in the ocean, the ocean in you;
is a flash rainstorm percussing off a dozen rooftops- straining your ears to the impossible task of isolating a single sound;
is you in your car freeing the key from the ignition before you open the door- safe between the speed of the drive and the softness of your unshielded body in the open air;
is the space between waking and sleeping before you have said you first words of the day, or scheduled your first tasks, or woven your first fables- when your fading dreams still hover over you in wisps of color and light;
is the experience of connection with another expression of Life, or to a unbodied element of god’s infrastructure;
is a place not rooted in geography,
that follows wherever you go;
is time that is free from time,
that disappears as soon as you name it;
is abundant,

The moment is
Is a dance and not a worry
Is a breath and not sigh
Is a kiss and not a story
Is a kiss and not a sorry
Is a kiss and not a word.

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