Volunteer State- Part 3 “Spiral”

I drive around a lot, partly to get groceries, partly to explore Nashville, and most especially to resume my “reading” of Eat Pray Love in the car. I left the windows down when I arrived in the dark that first night and the rain that so soothed me on my marathon nap also happened to […]

Family Recipe

All across America today, as families and friends gather over heaping plates of food, they are arguing or disagreeing or pushing down their feelings about the offensive things being said across the table. Everyone seems to have a grandma or an uncle or a brother-in-law who thinks outrageous things and finds in a holiday meal an […]

Still Waters Runs Deep

(Audio) Down in the neighborhood when she as young Cheryl was a friendly one who always got along hop the fence right after school oh what a lot of fun- to be jumpin rope and hopin scotch and skip n play n run? But when the day was through she wished it wasn’t done– she had […]

Suspended Disbelief

One night along a shallow lake there lay a campsite, pitched and staked, logs for a fire stacked beside in silence under dusky skies. None knows yet how this scene shall play- with plans abandoned, hopes dismayed? They may appear only to quit, no hammocks swayed nor matches lit. Perhaps they will not come at all– cold hearts and feet don’t wander […]

Tribute to a Small-Town Music Teacher

On a summer Sunday afternoon, approximately 50 people gathered together at the St. Paul United Church of Christ for an unusual kind of surprise party. The woman in charge gave instructions, handed out signs for people along the aisle to hold, and surveyed the crowd “is there anyone here who knows how to play ‘The […]