One Cry Fix All

My submission to The Moth Detroit StorySLAM topic: “Blood Sweat and Tears” When you go through a difficult time in your life, your body naturally deals with it by going into shock. This is a beautiful response because it allows you to go on with your life and get through every day when you’re not […]

Over Do It

If there something in your life that hurts more than it helps, that keeps you from yourself: you must end it. For years you told yourself “it’s not that bad”, tolerated its intrusion, found ways to coexist- and so it persisted. You felt you had control, that you were winning the fight. No need for a drastic […]

My Vice

Transcript of my Moth Story Hour Submission, Subject: Vices All my life I have been building: making plans, gaining knowledge, forming relationships, accumulating possessions. But for nine years there has been an insidious black mold in the foundation of my life’s structure that undermines everything I pile on top of it. My vice goes by […]