Over Do It

over do it 500 enhanced

If there something in your life
that hurts more than it helps,
that keeps you from yourself:
you must end it.

For years you told yourself “it’s not that bad”,
tolerated its intrusion,
found ways to coexist-
and so it persisted.

You felt you had control,
that you were winning the fight.
No need for a drastic overhaul,
why douse a candle flame with flood?

You believed its desires were your own,
it spoke in your voice, or thoughts.
Oh parasite of deception!
Even your reflection is a lie.

And time goes by and there it is,
only deeper now, more ensnared.
This stowaway has stolen years
and you have let it.

Do not tap timidly at its door
and request that it step aside.
It has shown you no such courtesy
and does not deserve your respect.

Are you afraid of becoming too cured?
Too healed? Too alive?
Or do you fear the sting of really trying
only to see you’re standing still?

It will take a running start.
Fly at it with all your might.
Rip it, gouge it, tear it from its perch
Look around to find that what remains is you.

And don’t stop fighting.
Never stop fighting.
Even when it is just a sad memory,
and you have regained your Self.

Already you have given far too much.
There will never be a better moment.
Free yourself.
Act now.
Over do it.

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