On Video Here you are right at my feet you’re unassuming, solid, sweet. You fit so tight and so complete that I forget the void beneath. From where I stand I can’t quite seem to get a glimpse of underneath the better then, to paint you with- an easel to support my myth. You lay there […]

Suspended Disbelief

One night along a shallow lake there lay a campsite, pitched and staked, logs for a fire stacked beside in silence under dusky skies. None knows yet how this scene shall play- with plans abandoned, hopes dismayed? They may appear only to quit, no hammocks swayed nor matches lit. Perhaps they will not come at all– cold hearts and feet don’t wander […]

Model-T Ford

Detroit rendition of Janis Joplin’s classic satire “Mercedes Benz”    .  ..  …  ….  ….. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? The bus just ain’t coming and my feet are sore worked hard at the factory til it motored no more, oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Model T Ford? […]


How many times can we bend till we break? How much strain can you take? What’s your tensile strength? Hold me, and then Like a kite with no weight Pull the line nice and straight Out of sight into space. If I pluck the string Will it vibe and erate? Will it snap in my face? What […]