Election Day

I woke up at 6am. Very tired. I had gone to be at 2 or maybe 3 while Molly, Evan and an affable neighbor sat at the dining room table stickering and cutting papers like elves and manipulating spreadsheets. One of the elves left me a present at the bottom of the stairs- it was […]


Video Its a long way between can and do. You’re at the strange age- not young but so new- staring at the vastness of space from your mattress on the floor, Praying for that small grace to rise once more. Work another long day that ain’t working for you. Bringing home that minimum wage is […]

Flower, Honor, Tenor

Video My baby gardens at night, She gets that midnight dirt inside of her fingernails. I wonder what it feels like To hear the secrets of the earth that she never tells. And so what- maybe she’s crazy, to spend her time creating beauty she’ll never see. But when the moon hits the sky I […]

Mama Song

Video My mama knows when I am aching, she can feel it in her soul. My mama knows the smile I faking, when I’ve got nowhere to go. And in my older years, it’s hard to keep my pride up on the shelf. But mama gives it when I ask her for some help. (She […]

All the Love is

Video All the love is stronger, now- I call you sisters and brothers. And, I’m not saying that it’s easy, somehow, but I don’t believe there are others. All the dark is softer, now- I glide right over the ridges. And I’m not saying that it’s easy, somehow, but at least I’m not digging ditches. […]


Video It’s funny how the what we do becomes the who we are- a lifetime of tomorrows passes by. And, flipping through my journal is like picking at a scar- the pages thick with ink that just won’t dry. Oh, I have tried a hundred ways to end this bitter journey. And time can hide, […]

Honest John’s

Video Well, we met down there at PJ’s on a lonely Sunday night and right away, my dear, it seemed to come quite natural. Then I braided you a bracelet, but I tied it on too tight, that’s when I knew that you and me was something actual. Then, there was that time at Cece’s […]

Wire Nuts

Sometimes, I think my dad is an accidental feminist. What choice is there when you have five daughters? With that gender distribution, it’s inevitable that you will witness your female progeny carry out multiple acts of intelligence and feats of competency. Practicality alone will lead you to avoid “traditional” paths wherein each daughter must find […]


Previously published in the Free Press with minor unapproved edits. Original below: It started with a Facebook post “77-year old women needs help immediately!” The woman was a renter of a tax foreclosed home, and a stream of well-meaning friends offered their advice about what she should do. There was fear that she would face eviction, […]