Deity Viety- Creation

In the time before life, Earth was but a swirling mass of gasses: no land, no sea, no sky. A day was nothing but a shy twirl of the earth before the gaze of the sun, whose only impact was to stir the winds with waves of temperature that whipped the elements about. As they heated, cooled, mixed, and clashed, the stirring gasses combined into configurations of molecules, gaining weight, gaining complexity, gaining volume, gaining density. With time, the gasses transformed to liquid and created a great ocean. And with more time, there were humble solid specs floating in that ocean.

The solids were contained environments that allowed certain elements to remain locked together. Occasionally, two solids would collide, which sometimes resulted in larger configurations and new types of combinations. Other times a solid fractured its big pieces into small.

On one nameless morning amidst the coastless sea, the dawn light pierced a wave like a prism and cast down a laserlight concentration of energy onto a single solid speck in such a way that provoked a great reaction. The speck, thus infused, could not contain its new energy and cleaved apart. But this reaction was different than those collisions that splintered solids apart. This reaction caused the physical to separate from the aphysical, and the result was one large solid with a complementary, corresponding otherness. Thus, the speck was infused with Life-state, and an equal-and-opposite God-state manifested alongside. In this instant, the duel phenomena of Life and God came about.

Life and God are a relationship of reciprocity between the opaque and the transparent, the formed and the formless, the one and the many. It is the occupancy of the physical space that is countered by the naked formless Presence known as God. Life is the chemical reaction that begins with a speck and a spark and ends with a death. It is the conversion of light energy into a flameless fire that burns within a physical host. It is the energy that animates and burns within corporeal boundaries unless or until it passes on to another before the fuel of the former is depleted.

The trick of life then, is that it can convey its own spark onto other speck so as to prolong the reaction. The fuse of each living thing varies, but the underlying fact is no different for a fruit fly or a flamingo- pass the spark or end the line. Light is the source and Life is the greenhouse that contains it for a little while.

In this way, that first animated speck did beget Life onto other solids that it came into contact with. As Life was ignited, God grew in kind. The little parcels of God for each Life bubbled to the surface of the sea and merged together in ever-expanding air pockets. Shapeless God essence pooled together into one airborne sea in the space between the water and space.

Upon its death, a speck remained solid, and would float or sink away. The wisp of God that corresponded to that life would dissolve into space and be gone. In time, the husks of the dead specks built up above the sea-level and formed what we now know of as land. Yes, many specks blinked out before they could perpetuate themselves, but more lived than died and the increasing life force became ever more complex and vast.

Each life-given molecule contained different elements and constituted different life forms. As life grew in volume, the wisps of God accumulated and joined and eventually surrounded the earth, expanding the buffer between terrestry and unforgiving space into what is now often known as “atmosphere”. God was an envelope and, in its pocket, life emerged from the water.

Into that breathable god-spirit atmosphere, life migrated onto the land. Life, over time, developed into ever more complex capable and conscientious beings.

The more life there was, the higher the atmosphere of God rose. This space allowed taller and larger life forms to exist within its vertical limit. In the time of the dinosaurs, the Godlevel reached a mile above the earth: thick and rich and Godly. Then came the comet which directly killed untold legions of lives, which so depleted the God that it dipped below the nostrils of many great beasts and they too fell- suffocated on dry land. There were many deaths, but enough new reactions continued so that Total Lives always exceeded Total Deaths and so the spark continued.

Gradually, Life recovered and the Godlevel rose once again. By the time humans came to be on that surface world, there was so much Life that the boundary of God and space was so high that humans did not even perceive it. They sipped God in and out with every breath of their lungs.

And, right now, you and I, who are we? We are that uninterrupted flame of all the fires that ever burned before us, and our corresponding spirit energy is coalesced into the atmosphere that surrounds us in constant communion with all the God forces of all the other Lives sharing time, right now, on this earth.

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7 thoughts on “Deity Viety- Creation

  1. Dear Mr Michele Oberholtzer,

    is your “equal-and-opposite God-state” which supposedly “manifested alongside” with Matter during and after the Big Bang, actually based on any valid Globally accepted modern objective Scientific methodology and intellectual reasoning for you to make such absurd religious fanatic white he-“god” claims, while you like theocratic pseudo-intellectuals of olden days attempt to mix into your religious meritocratic garbage, scientific accurate facts?
    No, your “god”-assumptions are not based on Science nor any form of sane Intellectual methodology evidently.

    To you Mr. Oberholzer, just the same comment as to Trump’s Nazi-Republican and all religious fundamentalist wanna-be “cognitive” Oligarchs: Mixing your mental illness induced old tribal misogynistic fables of a rapist pedophile he-god-king with Scientific reality doesn’t make any of yours or other unstable religious men’s hallucinations of a god true nor factual Science, but fascistic totalitarian mass deception and keeping Children, Women, and men people dumb as f*ck just to abuse, loot, rob and rape them “god-givenly / or rather god-taken even more easier.

    • This is a fascinating response. Your anger and judgement was pre-packaged. I am, a woman. The “god” I write about has no gender or physical form with which to rape, nor tenants to justify the imposition of suffering. this is merely a fable I made up, in a playful attempt to be creative in thinking about life, in a desire to use the word god in a way that wouldn’t trigger me or others. It makes me sad that you find something so angering in this truly minor mental exploration. Peace.

  2. Michelle, a quick shout out to say “keep writing.” Loved reading about your hike — it was an inspiration to my daughter & I as we planned an Isle Royale adventure. I enjoy your work, it brings light to the world. “Transit umbra, lux permanet.”

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